Dunkin Donuts Inspires Fans to Become Top Chef Through Google+ Hangouts

Dunkin Donuts turned to fans for its latest endeavor in social media. This sweets brand has been extremely involved in the social media marketing world this year, with a very active presence on Twitter and Vine. Now the brand has done something new with its first event on Google+ Hangouts. The live video chat platform was the perfect space for the brand to showcase its campaign with Bravo’s Top Chef.

Dunkin Donuts’ 38,000 Google+ followers along with other internet food enthusiasts were able to watch the brand’s executive chef, StanFrankenthaler reveal the winners of a contest Dunkin Donuts debuted on November 20th.  The contest asked fans to submit a photo of a recipe that incorporated at least one Dunkin’ Donuts menu item. The photo had to include the hashtag #DDTopChef and could be submitted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest through the end of November.

A significant amount of photos poured in from fans around the nation. Dunkin Donuts chefs then whittled down submissions to a total of six finalists. The winning entries were showcased in the company’s test kitchen, while Frankenthaler interacted with consumers on the hangout. Fans were encouraged to engage by tweeting to vote for the winner while interacting through Google+ hangouts.

 The results ended in a lot of very creative new donut recipes, with the winner being DDonut DDessert Nachos submitted by Jannine F. By utilizing Google+ hangouts in a unique and fun way, Dunkin Donuts took their classic donut to a new level. This level of fan engagement through contest and video chat is a great way to maintain fan loyalty and to gain new fans. This quick-service company’s innovative social idea showed the power of a successfully executed social media campaign.


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