QSR Insights: The Story Behind Storify and Its Benefit To Brands

What is Storify?

Storify is a social network that allows users to create stories based on their conversations from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Users can drag and drop videos, photos, text and direct quotes onto a timeline to tell the web a compelling and engaging story.

The three-step process to creating your story:

Collect media from across the web: Create a shareable story from conversations your brand has had with fans online. Showcasing these social conversations is not only an ideal way to display brand/fan interaction to a client, it also offers a way to show the importance of strong community management.

Publish on Storify, embed anywhere: Once your story has been published you can embed the story anywhere. This is great if you want to publicize the success of a contest well done, showcase awesome fan engagement or if you simply want to share a positive fan/brand interaction.

Share, Share, Share: It is important to share these stories with fans and clients to build trust and it is a way to with fans in new, captivating ways, engage

Current brand value behind creating online stories:

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 12.59.00 PM

Storify has attracted several brands that are looking for new and unique ways to showcase their brand identity. With Storify, brands can now easily report on social interactions and chatter. This platform offers brands a new way to build an online presence. Whether your brand wants to collect user feedback on  products, curate content around a specific event or simply tell a significant brand story, Storify is a great platform to utilize.

Brands that are currently utilizing Storify include HBO, National Geographic, SELF magazine, Windows phone, people magazine and Mashable. Along with many others.Windows Phone posted a recent story covering the MTV Video Music Awards. This brand went out and captured this award ceremony with their new product the, Nokia Lumia 1020. The results were very cool.

Mashable Lifestyles also posted a recent story using Storify as a way to amplify their fan conversations and their social book club, MashableReads. Mashable fans took to Twitter and Facebook to comment about their new read and Mashable was there to respond and hone in on these fan comments. Through Storify Mashable pulled fan comments to tell this story of this read and promote their next MashableReads book.

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 12.59.51 PM

What this means for QSR brands:

This type of platform is especially important for QSR brands. To compete with ever-growing brand competition, these companies have to constantly be updating and showcasing their social presence. Storify will easily do this. QSR brands can show the success of a particular campaign or highlight new products or campaigns. It is also a great way to reward fans for being actively involved with the brand. By utilizing Storify, brands will further their fan relationships and develop a stronger online presence.

A brand such as Dairy Queen could utilize Storify to amplify fan conversations, reward active fans by creating a personalized story for them, promote new products, or to show the success of a particular event. Currently brands are only scratching the surface of Storify. Not only is this tool useful for sharing news stories but when looking a creative lens the options for QSR brands are endless.



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